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Our Story

Founded in 2012, Bizgenics grew from a simple lemonade stand contest into a Hawaii-based 501(C)(3) nonprofit known for specializing in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship programs. Along the way, we added education and digital delivery skills.

Recognitions include:

  • 2018 Finalist, Chaminade Business Plan Competition
  • 2015 Finalist, Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Hawaii Venture Capital Association
  • 2014 Finalist, Charity of the Year, Pacific Business News
  • 2014 Charity of the Year, Hawaii BBB
  • 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year (Steve Sue for Bizgenics & BizGym), Hawaii BBB
  • 2012 Finalist, Chaminade Business Plan Competition

What We Do

Our vision is to empower all people to build a bright future through creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship. We accomplish this through combined expertise in:


We champion all people, particularly under-served youth, to discover their unique strengths and the confidence to proactivity engage in making interests and dreams into reality. We seek to empower all people irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, socio-economic, life circumstance or any other factor. See our Diversity Plan »

Key education expertise employed in our programs include STEM/STEAM, Project-Based Learning, Social-Emotional Learning, Hawaii’s HA-BREATH, Learning Management Systems and Soft Skills development and assessment.


We champion creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship including the arts of inspiration, design-thinking and communication arts that turn ideas into action. “Innovation” to us means creating market-ready outcomes that yield measurable value.

We’re known for “hackathons” (innovation challenge events) that include leadership, team-building, collaboration design-thinking, lean startup, business modeling, branding, goal setting and more. See our Programs »

We foster visioning of enterprises that are economically sustainable, yet strive for true legacy as social ventures that help society beyond mere productization and profit.

Info Tech

Our nonprofit is unique in that it has received years of grant funding support to develop non-profit software applications. This is possible as our founders include technologists that donate service and license support from owned software enterprises. We take great care to ensure that benefits flow only from owned enterprises to Bizgenics.

Through these donations, Bizgenics enjoys use of a SaaS Microservices Platform, access to an offshore development team and support from a Hawaii-based digital marketing firm.

Supporting 3Ps

People, Planet & Philanthropies

People support means supporting the under-served and those in need. Planetary support means protecting, renewing and sustaining environments. Philanthropic support means providing resources to community organizations that drive 3P impacts.

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Our Mission

Bizgenics seeks to empower all people to discover unique personal skills and learn positive social values to catalyze a bright future.

"Empower all people"

We aim to serve all people regardless of age, gender, race, socioeconomic position, geographic, etc. A key strategy to effect this is to deliver our programs in both traditional print and modern digital software throughout the world.


“Discover Unique Personal Skills”

We believe that each person has a unique combination of skills and perspective. The goal therefore is to help individuals understand their unique powers which fosters personal motivation, desire and interest. We believe that individuals’ “pull” motivations yield superior results than institutional “push” strategies.

“Learn Positive Social Values”

We believe that the idea of making mere profits in business is a low bar of success. While businesses need to make a profit to care for team members and to power sustainable business works, we place great emphasis in the idea that truly great businesses make enough to support worthy causes too. Higher achievement and impactful legacy lies in achieving social good. Thus, the idea of learning positive social values is key to developing the instincts to high success.

“To Catalyze”

Our goal is to empower people to become agents of positive change through the arts of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

“A Bright Future”

We champion the idea that business is defined as simply being helpful. By extension, we also champion the idea of the “Social Venture” as a business that is simultaneously self-sustaining (including making a profit) and does significant good for the world in at least one of the what we call the 3Ps ~ People, Planet & Philanthropy.

From the Chairman & “Chief Lemon Head”

Ready to help fix the world?

We’re looking for heroes. Young heroes with big ideas, big hearts and the desire to make cool stuff. Mentor heroes who want to pass on positive values, knowledge and experience to empower others. Sponsor and donor heroes who have the bandwidth to provide resources to scale good ideas. Volunteer heroes who value connecting with others to make a stronger community. Partnering heroes who have related missions and see value in creating solutions together.

At Bizgenics, we stand ready to partner with anyone of similar beliefs, whether through our programs or through others’ programs. Wherever we can, with whomever we can, we seek to leverage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills for the betterment of all. Got ideas? Please contact us through this website.

On behalf of the Bizgenics, I salute you for having the heart and mind to make the world a better place.

Love, Lemons & Aloha,

Steve Sue, Chief Lemon Head & Chairman