Empowering through Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Culinary Entrepreneurship

Lemonade Alley

Lemonade Alley is a student entrepreneur meets philanthropic challenge for students grade K-12. This is a major hack: students become mixologists, create retail stores, serve at an “Iron Chef” style taste test and perform a 1-minute sales pitch on stage ~ all to raise money for a charity of their choice.

School Garden Program

Project Lemon Tree 

Project Lemon Tree is an Eco-Ag-STEM Project-Based Learning program in which students design and build their own outdoor classroom.

Student Innovation Platform

BizzyB is an online innovation & entrepreneurial learning platform for students, ages 13 & up to create market-ready innovation through a scaffolded journaling system that features 5 Essential Themes of Entrepreneurship. Students, parents, educators and employers collaborate on a platform that combines STEM curriculum with project-based learning in a design-thinking format to foster leadership development, soft skills, creativity skills and entrepreneurial mindset.

Documentary in Fundraising

Shaka the Movie 

Shaka the Movie is a documentary on the history story of the Shaka and it’s underlying themes of how to live large, make something out of nothing and share the Aloha Spirit.

Produced during the age of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it offers both a philosophical solution for the ills of any age and is also a pandemic recovery program that supports hundreds of artists in Hawaii’s creative community through a revolutionary approach to democratized filmmaking, soundtrack, titles and merchandise design and production. 

Shaka the Movie will be be distributed as a 20-minute education short paired with recovery, healing and forward-thinking brainstorm group discussions.

Learn more about this program and donate on the official website at »

Digital Media Soundstage

ID8 Studios

This new 1,400 sq. ft. soundstage, located in the exciting Entrepreneurs Sandbox in Kakaʻako, will support the diverse creative community and offer in-house programs in creative arts, technology, and entrepreneurship to train a skilled workforce which will diversify and grow Hawaiʻi’s economy.

Foodservice Social Venture

Buns Hawaii

Buns Hawaii is a restaurant marketing and business development hui.  The recipe: restaurants create and sell sliders (they keep all proceeds); recipes are marketed through a slider hui website (, and; restaurants have the option to sell high-margin “I Love Buns… Hawai’i” merchandise.

Merchandise is produced at Lanakila Pacific, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides jobs for individuals with cognitive, physical, social and/or age-related challenges. A small margin provides support for Bizgenics’ Lemonade Alley and Lanakila’s Meals on Wheels.

SaaS App Platform

HaccUp Accelerator

HaccUp is a software app accelerator that allows entrepreneurs to leverage the power of SaaS Microservice™ software building blocks. Using pre-built blocks means huge cost savings, rapid development and a highly-sustainable on-going maintenance. Social venture partners and student hackathon winners are invited to partner on this platform.

Comedy, Improv, Music 

Hawaii Comedy Festival

Hawaii Comedy Festival is an annual multi-day event and education conference on live sketch comedy, original comedic videos, original musical comedy, sketch writing, improv workshops, live music and more. Past years have featured comedy troops and instructors from Los Angeles and New York.

SySTEMic Change Platform

STEM Cities 

STEM Cities is a consortium of STEM Communities working together to create a shared digital platform that empowers visioning, implementation and evolution of STEM pipeline initiatives. The goal is to create a communal data platform to drive assessments, empirical research and evolution of STEM practices.

Non-Profit CRM Platform

SoSuite is a Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) platform that we built for our own social venture and non-profit use. CRM installs typically require significant customization to meet the needs of individual users and we’re happy to entertain others both using the service and requesting customizations.